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Serving Our Clients and Delivering Exceptional Customer Service Since 2004

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This phrase can be used to describe a company's commitment to understanding your needs, providing support.

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"We recommend, design, and implement your system" emphasizes the comprehensive nature of the services being offered.

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"We save you time and money" is a succinct and powerful statement that highlights the benefits of a service or product.

Proud Service Provider of Univerge Blue From NEC



Serving Our Clients and Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

About us

Our Speciality:

We specialize in Voice/IT-Data/Video solutions to satisfy your current business needs as well as to help bring your business’ technology requirements into the future.

  • A Trusted Partner

    We specialize in Voice/IT-Data/Video solutions to satisfy your current business needs as well as to help bring your business’ technology requirements into the future.

  • Our Pledge to You

    You can expect outstanding customer service, unparalleled pre-sales consulting and design, as well as experienced, certified field technicians. We will work with you to create your technology roadmap, to provide solutions and applications that enable your business to be the best in your field.

Our Dedicated Services

Improve Your Business With Our Technology

“Improve your business with our technology” is a concise and direct statement that conveys the value proposition of a technology-related product or service.

Cloud Computing

Accessible over the internet from various devices.


The ability of a system to understand and transcribe.

Business Internet

provide higher data transfer rates to support data-intensive.

Video Surveillance

Alerts and recordings triggered by detected motion.

Who We Are

Work with Our Experienced Digital Technology Advisors in CT

Your business requires secure voice and data services to ensure you provide your customers with reliable, safe services. The digital technology advisors at Pilothouse Communications close to Old Saybrook CT offer all the business Internet services you need to ensure your voice and data services are secure and meet your needs. You can count on us to provide all types of voice and data services, customized to meet your business’s unique needs. We are one of the top VoIP providers near Old Saybrook CT, giving you everything you need to give your customers the best services.

Partner With an IT Leader

Partnering with an IT leader begins with a clear alignment of goals and objectives. It involves identifying shared strategic interests and ensuring that both parties are working towards common outcomes. This alignment ensures that IT initiatives support broader business objectives and vice versa.

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Why We Are Best

Save Time and Money with Our Trusted Team

We pair you with dedicated digital technology advisors close to Old Saybrook CT to ensure you get the reliable service you need with a secure solution. Whether you need a cloud-based VoIP solution or other IT services, like a video surveillance system, you can count on our qualified team to give you the guidance you need to make the most informed decision.







Technology solutions

We Develop Customized Solutions

No matter what data or voice services you need, you can count on our digital technology advisors to understand your unique needs and give you the quality service you deserve. We offer all the options you need for your business, including:

Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing service offers scalable and on-demand access to computing

Cloud Server Hosting

allowing businesses to efficiently manage and deploy applications, websites,

Cloud Storage Services

allowing users to store, access, and share their files and data from anywhere

Cloud-Based VoIP Service

Cloud-based VoIP service provides cost-effective, flexible, and feature

Cloud-Based PBX Service

enabling businesses to manage calls and communications effectively

Business Internet Services

supporting efficient communication, collaboration"

We Develop Customized Solutions

“Feel free to reach out to us with your questions, comments, or inquiries. We’re here to assist you and look forward to hearing from you soon.”

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Building your brand in the digital world

– Ledyard, CT L&M Systems, Inc. (Lawrence Memorial)

“I am pleased to recommend the services of Pilothouse Communications LLC. They have been providing L&M Systems with excellent service since 2006. They staff a team of knowledgeable, dependable, and courteous professionals. Pilothouse supports nine of our medical practices. They consistently troubleshoot any issues and manage upgrades or changes in a timely manner

Bob Sylvia Technical Operations Manager, EvesAddiction.com

“We needed to update and expand our Toshiba phone system to meet growing call center needs. Pilothouse worked with us to find the right sized system for our budget. All the options were clear and the installation was a breeze. Any support issues were handled promptly and effectively. We couldn’t be happier.”

–East Haddam, CT Edward C. Blaschik, Theatre Manager – Goodspeed Opera House

“Your staff’s knowledge of both the new and old technology is invaluable in helping maintain the various systems here at the Goodspeed. Your flexibility and commitment to customer service are very comforting to me, You will always be the communications partner for The Goodspeed Opera House. Thank you.”

Wallingford, CT Davenport Associates

“Pilothouse Communications has exceeded my expectations. My whole office is different with the way we handle the calls” no stressing out from receptionist” so many added abilities to improve our handling of high volume calls” I wanted to extend my thanks to all and to let you know that we are very glad to have made Pilothouse Communications our agent.”

–Windsor, CT Julie Kote, Office Manager – Comfort Systems Inc.

“Prompt, courteous install-very willing to address our requests and acknowledge
our needs. Everything was and continues to be great!
Thank you.”